SENSHU ELECTRIC CO., LTD. is the top-level electrical cable trading company in the industry.

Please contact SEI of SENSHU ELECTRIC GROUP when you look for the best electrical wires and cables in Thailand.

  • SEI carries inventory of electrical wires and cables in Thailand, and in fact realizes “Quick Delivery Just-In-Time”.
  • SEI offers you the most appropriate electrical wires and cables in a wide variety of products from various manufactures including Japanese, Thai and the other overseas products as well as our stocks in Thailand.
  • SEI is committed to support customers’ production improvement by carrying processed products such as Wire Harnesses mainly for FA markets.

Wires are required higher functionality and higher efficiency as for the central nerves of information transmission. We have been committed to develop original products, employing the motto “Make if we don’t have”. We support various customers maximally with the most appropriate specification and processing technology for meeting customers’ various needs.

As the wire trading company, we deal with not only FA, appliances, communication, electrical power and optic fiber, but also wire processing, network construction and system solution. We can meet any users’ needs by incorporating our comprehensive abilities and combining individual strength organically and comprehensively. This collective strength is our significant advantage.